There are some typical Home Inspection issues that my Home Inspector finds when inspecting houses for my Buyer clients.  Don’t be alarmed if these issues come up when inspecting your new home. 

The home Inspection is used primarily to discover any issues with the major systems of the house.  I will often try to negotiate the smaller items too. Negotiated items will appear on the Property Inspection Notice.  This notice will become part of the contract and contains the repairs that Buyers who are Under Contract (also known as Pending) ask for when a Home Inspection Report has been completed. 

The Common Home Inspection Issue items that I ask to be repaired include:

  • __ Install an extension on the rear downspout to ensure water is properly drained away from the house.
  • __ Caulk around the exterior front door framing/trim.
  • __ Caulk around the small window above the exterior front door framing/trim.
  • __ Caulk around some interior window casings.
  • __ Inspect/Repair/Seal the cracks on the exterior concrete walkway/steps.
  • __ Inspect and repair the Deck – There should be two bolts on the deck ram board where it connects to the deck rail post.
  • __ Repair/replace the 6” x 6” deck wood support posts with splits
  • __ In the bathrooms
    • __ Adjust the sink stopper so that it goes up and down
    • __ Caulk/seal around the tub, shower & sink faucets & water control fixtures
    • __ Repair the toilet so that it is bolted down
  • __ Repair the doors that do not latch when closed.
  • __ Install door stoppers on all doors.
  • __ Repair handrails that are loose.
  • __ Inspect & install all light bulbs.
  • __ Balance the stove.  It is not balanced.
  • __ Install anti-tip over bracket on the stove.
  • __ Repair the kitchen sink faucet that swings over the countertop. The faucet should lock over the sink.
  • __ Install a high loop on the dishwasher drain line.
  • __ Install GFCI electrical outlets. GFCI outlets should be installed within 6 feet of any water source and around all kitchen countertop space, bathrooms & garages.
  • __ Repair the electrical outlets that are loose.
  • __ Inspect and replace junction boxes with sealed junction boxes. There are openings on the electrical outlet junction boxes under the kitchen sink. If the kitchen sink leaks water can easily enter the junction boxes.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information about any Home Inspection Issues.  I am happy to be working with you as we proceed through the Home Buying Process!