Most of us don’t have a windfall in the bank to pay for our dream home in cash.  Consequently, we have to get a loan from a lender to pay for your new home.  Before you know exactly which home you would like to buy, you will likely get PreApproved by a lender so that you can confidently go shopping for your new home.

In order to get Preapproved for a loan to finance your new home, your lender will require you to answer questions to complete a mortgage application and provide documentation to support those answers.  You will need the following documents that we will forward to your Loan Officer:

☐ __ 1 months worth of Pay Stubs (consecutive pay stubs; 2 if you get paid every other week and 4 if you get paid monthly).  See below if you receive a pension, social security, disability, etc.
☐ __  2 years W2s (2022 & 2023 or include 2021 if you have not yet filed your 2023 taxes),
☐ __  2 years Federal Tax Returns (2022 & 2023 or 2021 & 2022),
☐ __  2 Bank Statements for each account including your 401k, (for bank statements include all pages for the last 2 consecutive months. For 401Ks there is typically only 1 statement because they are usually published quarterly)
☐ __ Driver’s License or other Government Photo ID
☐ __ Social Security Card
(It’s best to take a picture of your license & SS Card)
Special Circumstances
☐ __ If you are retired and receiving a pension or social security, send a copy of your award letter and check stubs or bank statements showing the deposits (provide at least 60 days’ worth).
☐ __ If you are a recent college graduate with no 2-year work history, please send a copy of your college transcript with a letter explaining that you are a recent college graduate and you graduated from X University on Y date. The transcript can be unofficial.
☐ __ If you are receiving child support and would like it considered for the loan, please provide a copy of the court order and 3 months of bank statements showing the deposits.
☐ __ If you are a Veteran and would like to do a VA loan, please include a copy of your Form DD214
☐ __ If you are refinancing your home, please include a recent copy of your mortgage statement(s) and insurance declaration page(s) for current property(s)
☐ __ If you are selling your home, please include a recent copy of your mortgage statement(s)
☐ __ If you are short selling your home, please include the documents as if you were purchasing a home.
☐ __ A Letter of Explanation for any derogatory items showing up on your credit report.
You can email the documents to Documents@HomesByNiecieDraper.com for help in facilitating the transaction.
Please plan to save & keep your pay stubs and bank statements handy as you go through the home buying process. You may be asked for updated documents throughout the process until you close on your new home.
Once you have emailed your documents, please visit www.AdditionalQuestions.NiecieDraper.com to answer a few questions needed to finance your new home!
By the way, do you have any student loans?

I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your Home Ownership Dreams!  Happy House Hunting!!  😊🏡


Niecie 😊

ps: I know that the list of Documents Needed might look long, but think of it like this … I call it “The 2s” All you need is “2 pay stubs, 2 bank statements, 2 W2s, 2 years tax returns and 2 forms of ID“!  If there are any other documents needed for your home loan, they are an offshoot of that! 

pss: If you haven’t already found a home. Search For Your New Home Here! Feel free to edit this search.

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