Thank you for your interest in 2633 E. Biddle Street Baltimore, MD 21213.  To schedule a showing and tour the house, please click on ScheduleBiddleTour.NiecieDraper.com to schedule.

If for some reason, you cannot make the available times, please email Schedule@HomesByNiecieDraper.com with your availability and we will try to accommodate your schedule.  Please be sure to include your cell phone number so that we can call you if necessary.


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Each person over 18 years of age that will live in the house should complete a SEPARATE application, even if their name will not go on the lease.
Online application – BiddleApp.NiecieDraper.com
Printable application – RentalApp.NiecieDraper.com


Credit Check


You will pay the application fee when you submit the information for your credit check.  This is a soft credit pull and will not impact your credit score.


Please forward the following documents via text or email them to Documents@HomesByNiecieDraper.com:


– 1 Months Worth of Pay Stubs (consecutive pay stubs; 2 if you get paid every other week and 4 if you get paid monthly.  If you do not have pay stubs, please provide documentation of your source of income ),
– 1 years W2s (last yr or this yr),
– 1st 2 pages of your tax returns,
– Picture of your driver’s license or other government ID, and
Proof of Funds to move in(bank statement or letter/email saying where the funds are coming from)
Letter of Explanation for any derogatory items that might appear on your credit report or on your background check.


Money Due & Timing To move in, you will need 1 month rent + 1 month for security deposit + app fee ($995 + $995 + $50 = $2,040).The App fee is due via credit or debit card at application when your credit is pulled. The Security Deposit is due in certified funds (cashier’s check, money order, PayPal, cash app or wire transfer) when your application has been accepted and you sign the lease.A full month’s rent is due in certified funds when it’s time to move in and you get the keys to your new home.
  If you don’t have something that is requested, submit what you have along with an explanation for any missing items.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us via phone or text at 202-681-6878.